Next upcoming 11thConvocation is knocking

Orientation Program, Spring-2024 will be held on 27th January 2024 at Daffodil Smart City

Foundation Class: DSA organizes foundation classes to implement specific module based class for all newly admitted students in each semester for enhancing quality enrolment. The classes are continued for around three weeks.  Exclusively designed courses are conducted during the foundation classes including Campus Orientation which is intended to get introduced with our well-equipped campus and library.

Foundation class is specially designed class for newly admitted students to make them well equipped with all technological tools available in the new academic institution and get them acquainted with University Rules and regulations, Service Offices, facilities, code of conduct, accessibility, officers, teachers, academic structure, management hierarchy and protocol, co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities etc. We do believe it helps student to cope up with the new academic institution by Foundation Class within shortest possible time and they can carry on their main academic courses with the best shape of mind. Foundation Class helps student to know the institution from very close encounter which might help them to carry forward their academic journey smooth and which influence students to achieve great academic records and empowered human resource for the job market.

The course Offered: 

  1. Art of Living
  2. Ethics and Human Development
  3. Training on Blended Learning Center
  4. Thinking & Communication Skill
  5. Growth mindset VS Fixed Mindset 
  6. Happiness, Love and Relationship
  7. Communication and support seeking protocol 
  8. How to Use DIU Website and Student Portal
  9. Career Planning Session
  10. Study Skills
  11. Departmental Lecture on Career Prospect
  12. Meet the Clubs
  13. Nourish to Flourish, Lets Take care of your mental health
  14. Balancing Communication Styles

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[Newly admitted students are requested to this group to have further updates regarding Foundation Class and other related information needed]


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Office of the Director of Students’ Affairs is a professional body who are dedicated to the social, psychological, ethical and cognitive development and well-being of
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