Foundation Class, Spring-2021


Student Feedback

Mst.Sadia Khanom Mredula Roudry
Office of the Director of Students' Affairs (DSA) cheers up every student to get involved in each and every knowledge based tasks & helps us to get attached in all DIU clubs.DSA are grants that help to pay for extra equipment and support that we may need as a direct result of our disability, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty.
Mst.Sadia Khanom Mredula Roudry Student of English
Soumic Ahamed Aronno
DIU Students Affairs office is such a place where the student can gather knowledge about building up the leadership qualities and how to overcome obstacle of life beside that it’s the only place who cares about students voice.
Soumic Ahamed Aronno Student of CSE

About DSA

Office of the Director of Students’ Affairs is a professional body who are dedicated to the social, psychological, ethical and cognitive development and well-being of
all DIU students. It also works collaboratively with respected faculty members to implement the university’s educational and developmental mission.

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